"Having System's Education at 66th Street School has been an amazing experience for the students and 5th grade teachers at our inner-city school.  The students were able to engage first hand in experiments and observations that will enhance and advance their knowledge and engagement with science.   

Thank you Mr. Nash and Ms O'Conner for you dedication and professionalism to the discipline."

Sylvia Harris

5th Grade Teacher

"If you want your students to experience a high-quality, hands-on, standards-based science program, then SySTEM's Education is the program for you! The lessons include direct instruction, hands-on activities, and check for understanding through questioning and a science notebook. Our student cheer every time they hear that Mr. Nash is coming!" 

Nawn Chu

Magnet Coordinator

"The science test had concepts that were taught from the program. My students were knowledgeable in those questions. Overall, it did also have harder concepts that made the students put in all their knowledge from what they had learned in the program.

The program at 66th street was an extraordinary opportunity for students to be engaged in the science curriculum. Their lessons were taught in a very organized manner as well as the activities that followed for each. Each lesson was aligned with the new "Next Generation" standards and implemented ways in where students were able to learn. This program gave an opportunity for students to learn many of the science concepts, as well as the vocabulary. Students were able to discuss the concepts using the vocabulary at the end of each lesson. Students were always exited to go to science and learn new concepts each time. Not only was this program aligned to the standards, but it made science fun and easy for students to learn the concepts. Overall, this program has all of the qualities a program for students should have."

Mrs. Cornejo
5th Grade Teacher

“Once a week my students await with enthusiasm for Mr. Nash to walk through our classroom door. Mr. Nash has a true understanding of how my students learn most effectively and best of all makes it enjoyable.”

- Esperanza De La Torre

 5th Grade Teacher

“Every week my students eagerly await Thursday’s Science class with Mr. Nash because he engages them in culturally relevant, hands-on activities that generate residual learning that students can apply in their own independent investigations.  Any student who gets to learn from Mr. Nash is a lucky one!”

Brian J. Powell

 4th Grade Teacher

“Our school instituted the STEM program for the last few years and it has been a great help and a wonderful learning experience for my students. Mr. Nash was our STEM teacher from August to the beginning of February, 2016. His lessons were thorough and fun, making them a memorable experience for the students. He used technology and encouraged active participation on the part of the students.”

Claudine Timsit

5th Grade Teacher

"Great class.  Informative instruction and really fun.  Great class, glad you're here." 

Mrs. Golden

5th grade Teacher

"You guys are the best. My favorite part was when we did the slime and planted our plants." - Alijandra / Student

"I think my classmates will agree when I say that we appreciate everything you have let us learn, make, and experience.  Science rocks!" Ricardo / Student

"The science class has been really fun, we all know more about science now, thank you." Isaia / Student

"Thank you for having us in your class.  I enjoyed all the activities we did in your science class.  The thing I enjoyed the most was making the slime.  Hope to see you again." Rodrigo / Student 

"You guys are the best science teachers.  I hope to see you guys again, I'm really sad to see you go I learned a lot from you guys.  If there was a contest on who is the best science teachers you definitely would win." Laylonnie / Student

"You guys made the year fun. I am happy you guys taught us science.  I liked when we did Morse code.  What I learned was that 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen make water.  You guys are the best teachers in my life! It's been the best year bye!" Perla / Student 

"Thanks for the science class.  It was really fun learning new stuff.  Also thanks for letting us have experiments.  It was fun learning science with you guys.  I wish you guys wouldn't leave so we can learn more science.  Thanks for teaching us, it was fun..." Anthony / Student  

"Thank you for all the things we did in science class.  You helped me learn a lot of science.  My favorite experiment was the slime.  I am really sad you guys have to go."  Jonathan / Student

"Thank you for teaching us science.  My favorite lesson was about plants.  That is because I love nature.  Nature is my favorite thing to study.  Stay safe.  I will miss you." Juan / Student 

"Thank you for making science class fun.  I'm going to miss science class.  My favorite part of science is when we got to make our own slime and also the plants.  Ms. O'Conner, I really liked when we learned the rock cycle and were able to make our own.  I really liked the color that was in my rock.  I used it on paper and it works.  It's amazing.  I'm going to miss you guys and also science class.  You both made it fun.  Mr. Nash and Ms. O'Conner thanks for teaching my class and I science." Miguel / Student  P.S. I made my own colorful rock.  

"Thank you for teaching my class.  I appreciate that and so do my classmates.  Thank you.  It was an honor being in your science class.  I especially liked when we made the marble run." Janet / Student 

"I love science.  Thank you for everything.  My favorite class was the plants.  I'm going to miss you a lot."  Velani / Student 

"I really appreciate all that you've done for us.  I'm really going to miss science class. Thank you for the fun time in science class.  I hope I see you again someday."  Jesus / Student

"Thanks for coming and making Thursdays fun for me.  I love having the opportunity to be able to go to have a good time in science class.  I liked all of the experiments but my favorite were building the plant and making the crayon rocks.  Thank you so much for taking your money and time away just so we can have a fun science class." Kiera / Student 

"It was really fun to be in your class!  I learned so much!  I love your class.  The activities that we did were really fun while we still learned.  Thanks for teaching us science.  I enjoyed it.  I bet everyone loved your class and I know they still do.  It's sad to see you guys." Kayleen / Student 

Thank you for teaching our class every Monday.  My favorite thing that we did in your class was when we made slime.  I wish you could stay longer and teach us more things.  I enjoyed making the rocks with crayons and then melting them."  Jayla / Student 

"We learned a lot from you.  We enjoyed learning all of the interesting science and experiments we haven't done before.  My favorite one was growing the plants and making the marble run, kaleidoscope, and slime." Jacob / Student